Febgiving Alpha: A Drinks Preview


Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Febgiving co-founder and Chino Latino chef Noah Barton, Becca and I have come up with a few special Febgiving drinks that celebrate the holiday and — coincidentally — allow us to utilize the various random flavored vodkas we have sitting around the house.


4:2:1 Espresso Vodka: Disaronno : half & half + ice


3: 2 Berry Vodka : Vernor’s Ginger Ale + a splash each of cassis and mango balsamic vinegars + ice


1:1 Root Beer Vodka : Vernor’s Ginger Ale + ice

All of these have been flight-tested and approved for human consumption. We hope you’ll enjoy one or all of them sometime soon.


3 Responses to “Febgiving Alpha: A Drinks Preview”

  1. The Unbearded Man Says:

    So all that vodka is still around from the Election Day festivities?

  2. The Unbearded Man Says:

    That said, the Cornucopia sounds tasty.

  3. jrnorton23 Says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely left over from Election Day. đŸ™‚

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