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Febgiving Viking, a Retrospective

February 28, 2012

First things last: here’s our 23-person Febgiving Viking (which actually happened before Mountain Lion), in pictures taken by our guests Jon and Val. From top down: Part of our planning chalkboard, a backyard game of hammerschlagen, the Parade of Fowl (Cornish game hen, pheasant, duck, turkey), the dining room, Ari making the challah bread from scratch, our souvenir homemade hot cocoa mix jars, and some of the massive and delightful spread. Thanks to all of you who could join us!


Febgiving 2012: Mountain Lion

February 19, 2012

Febgiving Mountain Lion in Minneapolis was a smash hit (as was its predecessor, Febgiving Viking; we’ll post those photos soon.) Highlights, from top down: homemade citrus aquavit toast, part of the big spread, the turkey (a free range bird sold at Kowalski’s, came out great), grandma’s punch bowl with non-alcoholic punch, mashed sweet-potato stuffed oranges, home-smoked BBQ pork shoulder, and maple syrup-based pecan pie. Photos by Kate Sommers Photography.