About Febgiving

Febgiving is a magical time of the year wherein friends gather together to celebrate the traditional American holday of Thanksgiving… in February. On the first Saturday evening on (or after) Valentine’s Day, to be precise.

Legend has it that the original Midwesterners, living in a time now lost to legend, pegged the “Febgiving” feast to the date when winter jam was opened up in earnest: that is to say the bleakest, darkest part of the year most in need of cheer.

It’s a time to get funky and experiment with old holiday classics (jalepeno cranberry sauce? bourbon pumpkin pie? turkey roulade? all fair game!). And It’s a time to gather together friends, friendly acquaintances and family members who are friends, to enjoy the warm camaraderie of a big potluck meal and acknowledge a few simple truths:

1) February is a terrible month. We need all the love and support we can get just to make it through this godforsaken ice-strewn desert of pain.

2) Valentine’s Day is a terrible holiday. Couples face artificial pressure to buy things and act “romantic.” Single people are scorned and mocked. Its only real competition for worst holiday of the year is Tax Day.

3) Thanksgiving Food is delicious. Why should we only eat turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie (etc.) only once a year?

4) Friends are fantastic.

Won’t you join us and celebrate Febgiving wherever you happen to live? And please share photos, stories, etc. by emailing us at febgiving@febgiving.com — we’re hoping to build this sucker up into a national movement.

Jim and Becca


4 Responses to “About Febgiving”

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