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Febgiving USA – an affair to remember

March 4, 2009

Febgiving USA was a great success – in large part due to all the friends that came into town for the holiday! Our good friend Adam made a “pretzel salad”, which is actually a fantastically delicious jello and raspberry salad with whipped cream and buttered pretzels. Oh, so tasty, and as soon as Adam gets the go ahead from his relatives, we will post the recipe here.

We also had mixed roasted vegetables including sunchokes, potatos, and beets.

Jim’s double decker apple/pecan pie was a hit:

Also, all my friends decided that potatoes for mashed potatos should be peeled, and since I only have one peeler, about an hour of funny ensued.


About Febgiving… Now updated!

November 10, 2008

We’ve put a bit of detail into our “About Febgiving” page for those curious about the spirit of the holiday. The key things to understand are what we like to call the “4 Fs of Febgiving”: Food, Friends, and F-You February. Febgiving is about the human spirit defying the worst stuff that winter and the vagaries of the human heart can throw at us, using delicious food and high spirits to affirm our belief in the powers of life and cameraderie. Also, it’s about how turkey is delicious.

Announcing Febgiving, 2009

November 7, 2008

Febgiving 2009 gets rolling on Saturday evening, Feb. 14. This is in direct conflict with Valentine’s Day. That’s the way we like it.